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'Color Guard'

Cold hardiness zones:     4 - 9

Light needs:     Full sun

Water Needs:     Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Average landscape size:     Forms clumps to 3 ft. tall, to 5 ft. wide, flower spikes 4 to 6 ft. tall.

Growth rate:     Moderate

Flower attribute:     Fragrant

Special features:     Attracts Birds, Deer Resistant, North American Native, Waterwise

Landscape uses:     Border, Container, Firescaping/Fire Wise, Poolside, Seacoast Exposure

​This dramatic architectural plant is one of the most beautiful variegated yuccas on the market. Its sword-shaped leaves bear bold central stripes of bright canary-yellow against a rich celadon edge. In cool weather, margins are tinged pink, and the entire yellow stripe turns rose-colored on many of the leaves, lasting through early spring. Plants grow to 2 feet wide and nearly as tall. Branched clusters of nodding, creamy-white bells open in mid-summer on stout stems that reach 6 feet tall.

Care: Provide rich soil in full sun for best growth. However, plants are widely adaptable to different light, soil, and moisture conditions.

Propagation: Remove rooted suckers in spring. Take root cuttings in winter.