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Planting Zones: 2-8

Plant Type: Evergreen

Light Requirements: Full


Height at Maturity: 60-


Growth Rate: 9"-15"

Baby Blue Colorado Spruce. Good wholesale coniferous landscaping evergreen tree in Michigan

    Baby Blues are an excellent strain of Colorado Blue Spruce. They are comparable to the best clones of that species. Every tree is very blue with needles arranged in a full round pattern. They are typically strong, symmetrical growers. Like all Colorado Spruce, Baby Blues do best in full sun, on well drained soil with good air flow around them. Avoid planting in the shade or in wet spots. If planting in heavy soil, they will benefit if the ground is mounded or bermed to give them more drainage. The heavier, wetter the ground, the more essential it is to mound them.

    Baby Blues make excellent specimen trees. They grow in hardiness zones 2-8, are long lived, and typically grow 10” to 15”+ per year. 


This slow growing nonnative spruce reaches 80-100 feet. Most familiar as an ornamental and Christmas tree, but is often planted for wildlife cover as it retains branches close to the ground, sheltering song and ground nesting birds..

Picea pungens 'baby blue'

(Colorado Blue Spruce)