Papaver Orientale “Prince of Orange’, Oriental  Poppy,  Zones 2-7

Papaver 'Prince of Orange' has huge 3-4 inch vibrant orange flowers, unlike any other. Plant in masses in your garden. This poppy features bold tangerine orange flowers with starkly contrasting black centers at the ends of the stems from early to mid summer. Floriferous and very dependable, often self-seeding where it is content. It needs nothing beyond very good soil drainage and plenty of sunshine to flower season after season.  The flowers are excellent for cutting. It's deeply cut ferny leaves remain forest green in colour throughout the season.  Tends to go dormant in summer so interplant with late summer flowering plants.

Sun Exposure: full sun to part shade

Soil type: all

Soil PH: all

Soil Moisture: average well drained, doesn’t like dry or wet sites.

Care level: easy  (tall may need staking in exposed sites)

Flower color: orange

Bloom time: Late spring early summer

Foliage Color:forest green

Uses and Characteristics: border, drifts, cut flower, container, meadow or prairie garden, cottage garden massed, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer resistant

Flower head size: large

Height: 28-36 inches  Width 18- 24 inches

Growth Rate: fast

Propagation: Divide clumps every 4-6 years in late summer to early fall.  Root cuttings mid to late summer.  Will self seed if allow seedheads to remain on plants.  


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