Mondarda Didyma ‘Balmy Lilac’,  dwarf bee balm,  Zones 4-9

Beebalm is a traditional favourite for the perennial border, with a striking display of richly-coloured flowers through the summer months. This more compact selection features beautiful clusters of fragrant lilac purple flowers with white overtones from late spring to late summer, which are most effective when planted in groupings. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It's fragrant pointy leaves remain green in colour throughout the season. Good powdery mildew resistance. A favourite of both butterflies and hummingbirds. Beebalm spreads quickly: reduce clump size in early spring. Garden selections all have been bred from native North American wildflower species. Good heat tolerance. Flowers are edible.

Sun Exposure: full sun part shade

Soil type: average

Soil PH: all

Soil Moisture: average to moist soil with good drainage

Care level: easy

Flower color: lilac purple

Bloom time: late spring to late summer

Foliage Color: green

Uses and Characteristics: accent: good form and texture, border, containers, meadow, cut flower, massed, fragrant foliage, edible flowers, powdery mildew resistance, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds,  deer and rabbit resistant, dwarf

Flower head size: large

Height: 25-30 cm (10-12 inches)    Width 20-25 cm (8-10 inches)

Growth Rate: fast

Propagation: Divide clumps frequently to maintain vigor and control spread.  Can propagate by division or by stem cutting in summer.  


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