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This shrub like hardy perennial is a vigorous grower with large 8-10" clear red flowers with a darker eye, from midsummer into fall. A taller more upright selection than other hibiscus, it produces large clumps of maple like green leaves that are flushed with purple in summer. flowers are produced at the tips of each branch.  A strikingly beautiful plant, 'Fireball' thrives on heat and humidity but requires evenly moist soil to be at its best. One of the last plants to emerge in spring - great for planting with tulips and daffodils!

Sun Exposure:  full sun

Soil type: clay, amended with organic matter

Soil PH: acidic

Soil Moisture:  moist  to wet well drained. (keep it watered for best blooms)

Care level: medium (mulch heavily and fertilize in fall) (frequent deadheading to keep them looking tidy)(may need some staking in exposed or windy sites)

Flower color:  red

Bloom time: mid to late summer

Foliage Color: green flushed with purple

Uses and Characteristics: specimen, back of border, waterside, screening, foundation planting, large container, deer resistant,, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, heat and humidity lover, large plant.

Flower head size: very large

Height: 4-6 feet  Width: 2-3 feet

Growth Rate: fast

Propagation:  Seldom need division.  But if you want to divide them do so in spring.  Stem cuttings in summer.  

Hibiscus ‘Fireball’,  Hardy Hibiscus, Rose Mallow, zones 4-10