‘Totally Tangerine’, Geum,  Avens, Grecian Rose, zones 5-9

Not the easiest perennials to please, but where they are happy geums are beautiful border plants. This impressive large geum provides a bright display all summer long. It forms a low mound of coarse, fuzzy green leaves with very tall branching stems holding an incredible number of large bright apricot to tangerine blooms. Very floriferous, said to produce five times the blooms of typical geums. A robust grower. Deadhead regularly to encourage more buds to form. Terrific in containers. Attractive to butterflies. Clumps should be divided every 3 to 4 years in spring or fall. Tidy plants up in late fall or early spring, if needed, removing any dead leaves but allowing green ones to remain. Introduced by Plant Haven®, bred by Tim Crowther, UK.

Sun Exposure:  a site with morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal

Soil type: all, compost enriched soil that retains moisture

Soil PH: all

Soil Moisture: moist (needs excellent drainage soggy soils are fatal (especially in winter)).

Care level: medium (keep watered) (apply an organic mulch in spring)(deadhead regularly)(mulch and fertilize in fall)

Flower color:  apricot tangerine

Bloom time: late spring  to late summer

Foliage Color: deep green

Uses and Characteristics: accent, massed, border, container, cut flower, rabbit resistant, attracts butterflies

Flower head size: medium

Height: 55-70 cm ( 21-27 inches)    Width: 40-45 cm (16-18 inches)

Growth Rate: medium

Propagation:  Can be short lived where growing conditions are less than ideal.  Good idea to divide  every 2 or 3 years in spring or early fall to keep them vigorous. 


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