Short, creeping form displaying masses of rose-pink flowers with intricate veining. Quite drought resistant once established, belying its lush appearance (although it does best in moist locations). The rounded leaves of Geranium Lancastriense are deeply lobed and the fall foliage paints the garden in russet, orange and red.

Sun Exposure:  full sun to light shade

Soil type: compost enriched soil that retains moisture

Soil PH: all

Soil Moisture: average to moist (needs excellent drainage) drought tolerant once established but thrives in moist soils.

Care level: easy (keep watered in first year)

Flower color: pink with purple eye and veins

Bloom time: late spring  to late summer

Foliage Color: green

Uses and Characteristics: edging, alpine or rock, container, groundcover (mat forming), deer and rabbit resistant, long blooming, fall interest

Flower head size: small

Height: 20 cm (8 inches)   Width: 30-45 cm (12-18 inches)

Growth Rate: medium

Propagation:  Can be left in site for a long time.  Divide in spring or fall. 

Geranium Saguineum v Striatum ‘Lancastriense’,  Striped Bloody Cranesbill, zones 4-8


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