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Actinidia arguta 'Issai' (Kiwi)
Amelanchier canadensis 'Autumn Brilliance'
Amelanchier canadensis 'Princess Diana
Blueberry Blue Crop
Blueberry Duke
Blueberry Northland
Blueberry Patriot
Blueberry Pink Lemonade
Blueberry Reka
Blueberry Top Hat
bok choy
broccolli gypsy
brussel sprout 'Jade Cross'
cabbage giant dutch flat
cabbage lennox
cabbage red dynasty
cabbage stone head
cauliflower snowcrown
celery tango
collard greens
corn giant silo
cucumber english telegraph
cucumber raider
cucumber regal
Currant Red Lake
Currant White Pearl
eggplant blk king (gen)
Gooseberry Pixwell
ground cherry

kale black magic
kale blue curled
leeks giant musselburg
lettuce green tower romaine
lettuce leaf blackhawk red
lettuce leaf simpson elite
lettuce mesc mix zesty
lettuce yucaipa iceberg
Lonicera edulis Berry Blue (haskap)
Lonicera edulis Borealis (hascap)
Lonicera edulis Honey Bee (hascap)
Lonicera edulis Tundra (hascap)
melon cantelope (Halona)
melon honeydew (Passport)
melon water crimson sweet
melon water sugar baby
okra clemson spineless
onion norstar (white)
onion red beauty (red)
Onion/Shallot sampler
pepper ancho huizache hot
pepper california wonder
pepper carmen
pepper carolina reaper hot
pepper cayenne hot
pepper chinese 5 color
pepper delirio (orange sweet)
pepper fushimi
pepper ghost hot
pepper giant aconcagua
pepper golden california wonder
pepper habanero orange hot
pepper holy mole
pepper hungarian hot
pepper jalepeno hot
pepper king of the north
pepper orange you sweet
pepper pepperoncina
pepper purple star
pepper shishito
pepper super shepherd
pepper tinker bell red
pepper tinker bell yellow
pepper trifetti
pepper white bell
pepper yatsufusa
pumpkin howden
pumpkin moonshine
Sovereign Coronation Seedless Grape
squash buttercup
squash butternut
squash spaghetti
swiss chard kaleidescope
tomatillo gigante
tomato 1884
tomato azoychka
tomato basket v
tomato better boy
tomato big beef
tomato big zac
tomato black krim
tomato black prince
tomato bob cat
tomato boxcar willie
tomato brandywine
tomato buckbees 50 day
tomato bush beef
tomato celebrity
tomato cherokee purple
tomato chocolate cherry
tomato Earl's faux
tomato golden cherry
tomato green grape cherry
tomato indigo rose
tomato lemon boy
tomato lime green salad
tomato manitoba
tomato micro tom cherry
tomato mountain merit
tomato northern lights
tomato oregon spring
tomato patio
tomato purple bumble bee cherry
tomato roma
tomato san marzano
tomato scotia
tomato silvery fir
tomato speckled peach
tomato st teresa
tomato striped german
tomato stupice
tomato sugary cherry
tomato sweet million cherry
tomato sweet pea cherry
tomato sweet seedless
tomato tiny tim cherry
tomato vintage wine
tomato wins all
zucchini fortune yellow
zucchini patio star green