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Beautiful saucer shaped white flowers with red veins.  Ideal for for rock gardens and small spaces. They are low growing (3"-6" tall) plants that form compact, dense 12" evergreen mounds

of tufted, dark green foliage with scalloped edges.

Spring and summer blooming. Erodiums are excellent plants for alpine and rock gardens.  if you have a sunny window they can be grown as a houseplant.Erodiums should be planted 8"-12" apart in gritty, well drained, slightly alkaline soil. Add lime to the soil in the fall if you have acid soil.

They will produce more flowers if they are grown in full sun,but will happily grow and bloom in partial shade as well. Water regularly and thoroughly when your Alpine Geranium is in bloom, but keep on the dry side while dormant.

Sun Exposure:  full sun

Soil type: neutral to alkaline, dry gritty soil. If you have acidic soil then add lime in the fall.

Soil PH: all

Soil Moisture: dry to medium (keep watered when blooming)  Do not tolerate standing water especially in winter

Care level: easy (may need lime added if soil is acidic)

Flower color: white with red veins

Bloom time: late spring to summer

Foliage Color: deep green

Uses and Characteristics: alpine and rock, tucked into a wall, long blooming, container, drought tolerant, attracts butterflies

Flower head size: small

Height: 3 inches   Width: 8 inches

Growth Rate: medium

Propagation: divide in fall.  may self seed. 

Erodium Reichardii, Alpine Cranesbill, zones 5-8