​An outstanding hybrid selection of a native North American wildflower. This forms a low rosette of rounded leaves, bearing upright stems with a collection of 10 to 20  bright magenta-pink flowers with a yellow centre. Flowers are easily twice the size of other selections, with flared-back petals that give each blossom a star-like or rocket ship appearance. Prefers a moist well drained acidic soil. This plant will go dormant and disappear by mid summer, so do not disturb the area. When planting crown must rest at or slightly above the surface to ensure survival. Excellent cut flower.

Sun Exposure:  full sun to part shade

Soil type: clay, humus rich

Soil PH: acidic

Soil Moisture: average, moist, will not tolerate standing water

Care level: easy

Flower color: deep pink with a yellow center

Bloom time: early to late spring goes dormant in the summer

Foliage Color: light green

Uses and Characteristics: Edging, woodland, grassland, waterside, rich border, alpine or rock garden, wild flower, cut flower, deer resistant.

Flower head size: medium

Height:45-60 cm (18-23 inches)  Width: 25-30 cm (10-12 inches)

Growth Rate: medium 

Dodecatheon ‘Aphrodite’, Giant Shooting Star,  Zone 3-9


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