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Convallaria majalis var. Rosea, Pink Lily of the Valley,  Zones 3-7

This is a delightful and rather rare variation on an old-fashioned favourite. Plants form a clump of large green leaves, bearing short spikes of fragrant baby-pink bells in late spring. Clumps take a year or two to establish, then spread at steady pace, in time forming a sizeable patch. Tolerant of poor soils, even dry shade, but prefers a rich, moist soil. Protect from afternoon sun. Plants sometimes become dormant in summer, especially in regions with humid and hot weather. Easy and adaptable, this plant will grow well in tubs or mixed containers.

Sun Exposure:  part to full shade  Soil type: average, humusy, organically rich but will tolerate poor soils

Soil PH:  all

Soil Moisture: average to moist, but will tolerate dry shade

Care level:  Easy (keep from hot afternoon sun)

Flower color: light pink

Bloom time: mid to late spring

Foliage Color: deep green

Uses and Characteristics: Edging, Groundcover, Fragrant,  Deer and Rabbit Resistant, Cut Flower, Woodland, containers, poisonous/toxic

Flower head size: small

Height: 10-15 cm (4-6”)

Spread: 30-45 cm (12-18”)

Growth Rate: slowPropagation:  by division in spring or fall