Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Golden Mop' (false cypress)

Zone:    5 to 8

Sun:    Full sun

Moisture:    Medium

Plant Characteristics

Height:    6 ft

Width:    4 ft

If forms a mound to broad pyramid shape. The foliage is bright golden and thread like. The needles are scale-like. The thin branches are pendulous, thus the term ‘mop’.


This cultivar prefers full sun, a well drained soil and good air circulation. It does best when the soil ph is slightly acidic. Though drought tolerant, a thick layer of mulch would be advised during the summer.

Stunning golden, threadlike branches are the trademark of this evergreen shrub. The cascading nature of the branches also adds an air of elegance to any mixed border. Easy to grow and adapts to most location.


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