Plant Requirements

Zone:    5 to 8

Sun:    Full to partial sun

Moisture:    Medium

Plant Characteristics

Height:    6 ft

Width:    4 ft

The cultivar ‘Nana Lutea’ is one of the many different types of Hinoki false-cypress. This particular variant features yellow highlights on golden-green foliage in flattened sprays. 


As a true dwarf conifer, as designated by the American Conifer Society, the cultivar ‘Nana Lutea’ grows slowly and does not exceed 6’ in height for at least 10 years. This plant is a sport of the dark green ‘Nana Gracillis’ cultivar. Forming a pyramidal shape over time, this false-cypress cultivar has green older growth while the new growth features a bright golden hue that is maintained all year long. 


Best suited to cool sites, with acidic ground. Under hot summer conditions the foliage will burn if this species is given too much sun. The bright sulfur-yellow foliage on this dwarf looks great as an accent among green foliage plants.

Chamaecyparis obtusa nana 'Lutea' std


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