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Campanula Glomerata ‘Superba’, Clustered Bellflower, Zones 3-9

Bellflowers are among the most popular of perennials. This selection will produce a low clump of large green leaves. Medium-tall upright stems appear in early summer, bearing large, showy clusters of rich purple funnel-shaped flowers. Terrific for cutting. Plants will quickly form a large clump, so allow plenty of space when planting, or plan to reduce the size each spring. Easily divided in spring or fall. Spreads by rhizomes.  Plants may benefit from a hard clipping back immediately after blooming, to maintain a low, compact mound and encourage re-blooming.

Sun Exposure:  full sun to part shade.  

Soil type: most,

Soil PH:  all

Soil Moisture: average to moist.

Care level:  Medium (Will spread rapidly, needs to be regularly divided and prevented from going to seed,  not a good choice for a border or bed.  Best in Mass plantings, as ground cover or in woodland gardens.)

Flower color: purple (large blooms at the ends of the stems.)

Bloom time: late spring to midsummer

Foliage Color: Dark green

Uses and Characteristics:  Spreads rapidly, Accent: Good Texture/Form,  Border,  Containers,  Deer Resistant,  cut flower, Massed, woodland

Flower head size: large

Height: 60-75 cm (23-29”)

Spread: 60-70 cm (23-27”)

Growth Rate: fastPropagation:  By division in spring or fall, by cuttings or seed.