Bletilla Striata Pink, Chinese Ground Orchid , Zones 5-9

Often called the “hardy Chinese ground orchid” in the bulb trade, this species is by far the easiest terrestrial orchid to grow.  If planted in any reasonable compost that doesn’t sour, it will grow and if given adequate sunshine it will also flower.  The best conditions to grow this plant is in the ground in a nice rich loam that is constantly moist in full sun.  It however is just as happy in a pot so long as it is well watered and gets good light.  In too much shade plants are spindly and flower much less.  While in growth these are heavy feeders.  Hardy to USDA cold hardiness zone 5 with heavy mulch in winter, but happiest in warmer climates. If grown in pots outdoors bringing them into a cold, frost free place for the winter.

Sun Exposure:  full sun to partial sun, may not flower well if it has too much shade

Soil type: most, prefers a rich loam

Soil PH:  all

Soil Moisture: average to moist

Care level: Medium  (fussy as to location, needs feeding and is susceptible to spring frost, needs care overwintering)

Flower color: deep pink

Bloom time: Spring, early summer

Foliage Color: slender pleated deep green

Uses and Characteristics:  Alpine & Rock,  Containers,  Cut Flower,  Edging,  Specimen,  Woodland

Flower head size: medium

Height: 20-30 cm (8-12”)

Spread: 20-30 cm (8-12:)

Growth Rate: Slow.Propagation:  By bulb.  forms large clumps over time.  


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