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Well behaved, disease resistant groundcover. Prized for its bright display of canary yellow flowers in panicles just above the foliage.  It forms fairly large mounds of silvery green leaves.  A golden flowering plant that can be planted in poor, dry soils.  Looks nice planted with: Cerastium, Iberis and Phlox subulata. Especially attractive on slopes or in the crevices of walls.  

Sun Exposure:  sun

Soil type: poor, gravelly, dry soils

Soil PH:  mildly acidic or neutral

Soil Moisture: dry ( will rot if too wet)

Care level:  Easy  (cut back foliage by ⅓ after blooming)

Flower color: shades of yellow

Bloom time: spring

Foliage Color: silvery green

Uses and Characteristics: Ground Cover, Slopes, Rock gardens, Alpine gardens and troughs,  Edging, Borders, Beds, Containers,. Attracts butterflies, Deer resistant.

Flower head size: small

Height:  10-12”

Spread: 12-18”

Growth Rate: Medium.Propagation:  By division, in the fall

Aurinia saxatilis Compactum, Perennial Alyssum or Basket of Gold, Sone 3-7