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​Astilbe Chinensis ‘Vision in Red’ Zones 3-8

‘Vision in Red’ is a later blooming variety of astilbe. Deep red buds open to pinkish red flowers.  Flowers are held on red stems above bronze green foliage.  Moderately drought and sun tolerant

Chinensis astilbe (A. chinensis) is native over a wide swath from eastern Russia, through Korea and Japan to the mountains of southwestern China. Of the astilbes, it is probably the best adapted to average garden conditions.  Breeding efforts by Dutch nurseryman Win van Veen in the 1990s have resulted in the introduction of ‘Vision in Red’ and ‘Vision in Pink’, two outstanding clones.  

Sun Exposure:  part sun to part shade.  More sun and drought tolerant than other varieties.  

Soil type:  rich in organic matter

Soil PH:  acidic or neutral

Soil Moisture: Moist, does not tolerate drying out

Care level:  Easy  (keep them looking good with annual shovel fulls of nutrient rich compost)

Flower color: pinkish red

Bloom time: mid to late summer

Foliage Color: bronze green

Uses and Characteristics:  Borders,  Containers , Massed, Deer and Rabbit Resistant, Shade gardens

Flower head size: large

Height:  30-40 cm (12-16”)

Spread:  30-45 cm (12-18”)

Growth Rate: Medium.

Propagation:  By division. In spring.  The plants benefit from division every 3-5 years.