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Aster Novi Belgii ‘Alert’, Michaelmas Daisy or New York Aster,  Zones 3-9

Also known as Fall Asters, these are terrific favorites for autumn colour in the perennial border. Plants form a bushy clump, bearing loads of small daisy flowers. This is a dwarf selection with double crimson-red blossoms. Pinch plants before July to maintain a cushion effect. Excellent for cutting. Most asters will be troubled much less with powdery mildew when grown in a moist, rich soil. Divide plants every two to four years to maintain vigour.


Sun Exposure:  Full sun

Soil type:  Average, sandy or clay

Soil PH:  Neutral, Alkaline or  Acid

Soil Moisture: Average to moist, good drainage

Care level:  Easy  (Pinch plants before july.  Divide every 2 or three years in spring)

Flower color: crimson red

Bloom time: late summer to mid-fall

Foliage Color: Deep Green

Uses and Characteristics:  Borders,  Containers  Cut Flower, Massed, Wild Flower, Rabbit Resistant,  Attracts Bees and Butterflies, Fall colour

Flower head size: Small

Height:  25-30 cm (10-12”)

Spread: 30-45 cm (12-18”)

Growth Rate: Medium.

Propagation:  By division or by stem cutting in late spring or early summer. 

Problems:  Improve resistance to mildew by ensuring good air flow around plants and planting in rich soil.  Asters may wilt and die if grown where soil is continuously wet.