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Zones 2-9

​​An all male hybrid that is highly productive and very vigorous.  Best for high yield, fine flavor and the largest succulent spears. Resists fusarium wilt, crown rot and rust. Twice the yield of old-fashioned kinds. This is one of the most popular varieties grown by home gardeners and for commercial planting.

​Dig a trench 6" deep

2. Place the roots in the trench, spreading the roots so they remain flat.

3. Cover with 3" of dirt and once growth begins, fill in the additional 3" of soil.

​sunny location of sandy loam with good drainage. Do not harvest the first year and harvesting may continue until June 1 the second year. Every season, when cuttings are over, apply a fertilizer to supply nitrogen for good regrowth of the plants. 

 Asparagus, 'Jersey Giant'