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Asclepias Incarnata ‘Ice Ballet’, Swamp Milkweed Zones 3-9

A recent selection of a native North American wildflower. This forms a tall, upright clump of long green leaves, bearing clusters of white vanilla-scented flowers in mid-summer that are a magnet to butterflies!  Flowers are very attractive to butterflies as a nectar source. In addition, swamp milkweed is an important food source (albeit somewhat less important than upland species of Asclepias) for the larval stage of Monarch butterflies.

Useful in the perennial border or wildflower meadow, and very easy. Seedpods are used in dried arrangements – pick these just before they open. Fresh flowers are also cut, the ends of the stems must be seared over a flame to stop the sap from running.

Sun Exposure:  Full Sun

Soil type:  Average

Soil PH:  Neutral, alkaline or acid

Soil Moisture: Average to moist

Care level:  Easy (although release a milky sap that can irritate skin, so wear gloves when working around them).

Flower color: white

Bloom time: midsummer to early fall

Foliage Color: Deep Green

Uses and Characteristics:  Accent, Attracts Butterflies, Fragrant,  Deer and Rabbit resistant, Cut Flower, Dried Flower, Massed, Wildflower, Toxic/Poisonous

Flower head size: Medium

Height:  90-120 cm (35-47”)

Spread: 60-75 cm (3-29”)

Growth Rate: Medium.

Propagation:  Prefer to be left alone and over time will form a study well established clump.  Divide and transplant in spring.