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Armeria Maritima ‘Spendens’,  Sea Thrift

Zones 4-8

Splendens’ is a sea thrift or sea pink cultivar that is noted for its grass-like foliage and globular, reddish-pink flowers. This is a compact, low-growing plant which forms a dense, mounded tuft of stiff, linear, extremely narrow, grass-like, rich green leaves (to 4-8" long). Tufts will slowly spread outward. Tiny reddish-pink flowers bloom in mid-spring in globular clusters (each to 1-1.5" diameter) atop slender, naked stalks rising above the foliage to 6-10” tall. Sporadic additional flowering may occur throughout the summer. In the wild, species plants commonly grows in saline environments along coastal areas where few other plants can grow.


Sun Exposure:  Full Sun

Soil type:  infertile, dry gritty, well drained soil.   Will rot if grown in fertile moist soils or heavy clay. 

Soil PH:  Neutral, alkaline or acid

Soil Moisture:  Dry

Care level:  Easy (deadheading encourages repeat blooming)

Flower color: reddish pink

Bloom time: mid spring

Foliage Color: Rich Green

Uses and Characteristics:  Alpine and rock gardens,  Edging, Containers, Deer resistant, Drought tolerant,  Salt tolerant  , evergreen, ground cover in small areas.

Flower head size: Small

Height:  6-12”

Spread: 6-12”

Growth Rate:  Medium

Propagation:  Prefer to be left undisturbed.  

Note:  Gravel is often a better choice than organic mulch.  Apply it during the spring.