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Arisaema griffithii (Jack-in-the-Pulpit)

Arisaema griffithii var. pradhanii is the rare Sikkim form of this magnificent Himalayan species, prized for the more prominent yellow striping on the spathe. Looking like drool from a lusting gardener's mouth, its thread-like "tongue" can reach 18" long. You usually have to go to a skinhead rally to see anything this bizarre. A moderately moist but well drained shaded spot for the summer is essential for success with Arisaema griffithii var. pradhanii. Zone: 6 - 9

Natural Range: Bhutan. China; Xizang. NE India; Sikkim, NW Bengal. Nepal

Soil:  Moist, humus rich, Well drained

Light:  Part shade, Sun

Attributes:  Deciduous, 1'-2' tall. Spathe is dark brown - carmine and purple, with white - greenish yellow, striping, resembling snake skin. Long brown whip like spadex.  Bloom time is around April - May. Large, glossy trifoliate leaves with thick veining.  These go dormant quickly after blooming.

Notes:  Arisaema griffithii is an unusual species growing in Rhododendron forests, and alpine meadows at about 9,000 ft elevation.