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​Ajuga reptans ‘Catlin’s Giant’
Giant Carpet Bugleweed

Zone: 4-9 


Ajuga are used widely as groundcovers for shady gardens.  This is one of the largest growing varieties, forming a vigorous mound of deep bronzy-red spinach like leaves.  Spikes of blue flowers are attractive in spring. Combines beautifully with spring flowering bulbs, particularly yellow tulips or daffodils.  Plants prefer a rich moist soil but will tolerate short periods of summer drought.  Easily divided in spring or fall.  An especially good selection for containers and mixed tubs.  Evergreen.  The drawback of all ajuga is its ability to spread by creeping roots, aboveground stems and self sowing.  While they quickly form a dense low carpet where you need to fill space fast, the challenge is preventing them from spreading to rest of your yard.  Use edging to keep them in place.  Deadheading will help with control.  But generally They should be saved for tough sites like dry shade or slopes or areas surrounded by paving where it can spread freely, or for planting in containers. 


Sun Exposure:  Partial or full shade

Soil type:  Normal, sandy or clay

Soil PH:  Neutral, alkaline or acid

Soil Moisture:  Average or moist

Care level:  Easy (but can become invasive)

Flower color:  Deep blue

Foliage color:  Bronze

Plant uses and Characteristics:  Accent:  Good texture and form, Border, Container, Deer and Rabbit resistant, Edging, Evergreen, Ground cover, Massed, Woodland.

Flower head size:  Large

Height: 15-30 cm (6-12”)

Spread:  30-60cm (12-23”)

Growth rate:  Fast. 
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