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Monkshood are wonderful old-fashioned perennials, perfectly suited for large border plantings. This late-flowering selection has incredible, tall spikes of deep violet-blue, hooded flowers, a total surprise when they appear in mid-autumn. Attractive dark green, glossy foliage. Stems may need to be staked in summer. An outstanding cut flower. Plants prefer a site that will not dry out in summer, away from thirsty tree roots. Easily divided every 3 to 4 years, in early spring. CAUTION: toxic if eaten/harmful via skin.  (It is smart to wear waterproof gloves when pruning or dividing)

Sun Exposure:  Full Sun or  Partial Shade  (hot afternoon sun can stress the flowers)

Soil Type:  Sandy or  Clay

Soil pH:  Neutral or  Alkaline or  Acid

Soil Moisture:  Average or  Moist

Care Level:  Easy

Flower Colour:  Deep Blue

Blooming Time: Sept to October

Foliage Color:  Deep Green

Plant Uses & Characteristics:   Accent: Good Texture/Form,  Attracts Butterflies,  Border,  Cut Flower,   Deer  and Rabbit Resistant, Massed, Woodland, Poisonous/Toxic

Flower Head Size:  Very Large

Height:   120-180 cm (47-70 inches)

Spread:   45-60 cm (18-23 inches)

Growth Rate:   Medium 

Aconitum carmichaelii ‘Arendsii’

Autumn Monkshood