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Acer palmatum 'Tsuma Beni' (Japanese maple)

* Sun to partial shade 

* Zones 5

* 8' tall * 6' wide 

* Well-drained soil 

palmatum 'Tsuma beni'. The Tsuma beni Japanese maple is a dwarf maple with upright habit and palmate leaves. Foliage emerges a soft pale green in the spring with crimson red tips. The green coloration lasts well into the summer season. Come fall, expect an attractive orange display from the Tsuma beni. Leaves are large, long-lobed and hang in such a way from the stem, comparable to a relax hand with red fingernails. The Tsuma beni is a must for the collector! 

The spring foliage on this rounded, bushy tree is a real eye catcher. The leaves start out light green in the center gradually blending into purple-red at the tips and outer edges. This color combination continues well into summer when they gradually mature to a shiny, darker green. Fall colors are primarily reds.