Acer palmatum 'Shigure Bato' (Japanese maple)

Zone 5

Sun Tolerance:

Sun/Part Shade

Growth Rate:

HxW@10yrs: 4'x6':

The leaves of this Japanese maple, which are somewhat dissected, produce a feathery appearance and a beautiful progression of color. In spring, the light-green leaves have a reddish cast; in summer, they turn green with orange-red tips and edges. This look persists until fall, when leaf colors range from gold to red. The slow-growing, bush-like selection may get as wide as tall.

A slow growing small tree with fairly large, feathery leaves. New leaves are brilliant red, gradually turning to deep reddish-green in summer. In fall, they display a beautiful orange-gold color which glows throughout the garden. Very deeply serrated, long lobes of the leaf make the whole plant look like it's covered with feathers.


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